March 26 - 28, 2018
The Baronette Renaissance Detroit-Novi Hotel, Novi, MI

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Post Show Report: 2017 Automotive Cyber Security Detroit

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Modern Data Platform for Connected Vehicles

Check out the informative presentation Grant Bodley put together for the last Automotive Cyber Security Summit.  

Interview with a Hacker

What is your position on vigilante hackers? You will have a chance to meet one in March. Chris Valasek, Security Lead at Uber's Advanced Technologies Center, and famed Jeep hacker, will be speaking at the 3rd Automotive Cyber Security Summit. We tracked him down in advance of his session to...

AT&T to Link Connected Cars and Home Technologies Services

The US telecommunications company, according to a Reuters news article, wishes to strengthen its position on the market for internet-connected devices. This way, it could provide a competitive platform against other internet and communications companies, such as Verizon and Google Inc. AT&T’s products, ‘Digital Life’ for the home security and...

Chris Valasek Hacks an SUV: Transcript

For your convenience, we've provided a transcript of our exclusive interview with Chris Valasek, Director of Director of Vehicle Security Research at IOActive, and past speaker at our Summit. Within he discusses how he breached a vehicle on the highway last month to expose its cyber security vulnerabilities.

Chris Valasek Hacks an SUV

Chris Valasek, Director of Director of Vehicle Security Research at IOActive, and past speaker at our Summit, discusses how he breached a vehicle on the highway to expose its cyber security vulnerabilities in this exclusive video interview.

CAR Evolution

Check out this super informative article about the cars of the future and their susceptibility to hackers taken director from Automotive IQ!

Technology Overdrive

Barbara Ciaramitaro presents "Technology Overdrive," Understanding the Security Impact that the Advanced Machinery has throughout Infrastructure of the Car.  

Autonomous Vehicle Technology

This thorough, 200-page report, courtesy of the RAND Transportation, Space, and Technology Program, explores legislative activity, cyber hacks, the role of telematics and communications, and liability implications, among many other topics surrounding autonomous cars.

Principles of Automotive Cyber-Security

Doug Moeller reviews the "Principles of Automotive Cyber Security" in this informational presentation.  

Automotive Cybersecurity for In-Vehicle Communication

Automotive cybersecurity issues have emerged as information technologies are increasingly deployed in modern vehicles, and security researchers have already demonstrated the associated threats and risks. Although many security protocols have been proposed, they have not considered the threats posed by denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and external connectivity vulnerabilities.

The Future of Automotive Network Solution - BUS Systems and Ethernet

Automotive IQ recently spoke with Florian Netter of Audi Electronics Venture about the current state of Automotive BUS Systems and Ethernet. Cyber security is a real challenge within BUS systems. Cyber security is and will ever be a challenge for the E/E architecture. And the more holistic the driver-supporting software...

What do the automakers really think?

This 2015 report still holds true in the automotive cyber security industry currently.  Check out what the automakers really think is going on in the world of all things automotive technology!

Past Speaker Interview: Henry Bzeih

Henry Bzeih, CTO & Head of Connected Car at KIA Motors America, and past speaker at our summit, discusses the main challenges that OEMS and Tier 1 companies are experiencing in in the automotive security space, in this exclusive on-site video interview.

The Automotive Industry and their Partners are Stepping up to Protect their Customers

The Automotive Industry is stepping up their protection in order to keep hackers at bay in their connected vehicles.  Both state and federal government are in agreement to make a change!  Download this article to check out what individual states and groups have in the works.  

V2X Security from an Expert

Andre is no stranger to analyzing automotive cyber security.  In fact, in his role at the Lear Corporation he heads up their V2X department working with the analytics that encompass why consumer vehicles are susceptible to hacking and how to improve their security.  Download his interview to read more!

Past Speaker Interview: Josh Corman

Josh Corman, Founder of I am the Cavalry, and returning speaker at the approaching summit, goes into industry challenges, and makes predictions for where automotive security is going in the next few years, in this exclusive on-site video interview.

Challenges to Make Cars Secure

Kyusuk Han, University of Michigan, and past speaker at our summit, presents case studies of cyber attacks on automobiles, discusses types of attackers and their capabilities, and suggests countermeasures against attacks in this thorough past presentation.

Car Cybersecurity: What do the automakers really think?

The Ponemon Institute recently conducted a cybersecurity survey sponsored by Rogue Wave Software and Security Innovation of over 500 automotive developers, engineers, and executives, primarily from automotive OEMs and Tier One suppliers. Find out the key findings of the developer survey within!

Past Speaker Interview: Matthew Carpenter

Matthew Carpenter, Principal Security Researcher at Grimm, and past speaker at our summit, talks industry challenges, and what it would take to overhaul cyber security incident mapping, in this exclusive on-site video interview.

Cyber Security - OEM Point of View

Henry Bzeih, CTO at KIA, and past speaker at our summit, explores privacy management & transparency, data minimization, and examples of sensitive information in this in-depth case study.

PANEL: Automotive Retail and the Connected Car

Bradley Miller, Legal & Regulatory Affairs at NADA, Saylor Frase, President and CEO at nuspire, Tim Vidas, Security Futurist & Senior Research Analyst at Dell, Jim Foote, VP & Business Security officer at CDK Global, and Dave Austin, CIO at Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, all past speakers at our summit, provide...

Leveraging Vehicle Data to Bolster Vehicle Security

Andre Weimerskirch, VP, Global Cyber Security at Lear, presents on the latest vulnerabilities and entry points stemming from increasing use of sensors to communicate within the vehicle, and new modes of communication both within and outside the vehicle. And tools available to secure internal and external communications, and leverage the...

Encouraging a United Approach to Cyber Security Through Technology Sharing Initiatives

Victoria Coleman, Senior Fellow at Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, discusses Current technology sharing and standardization efforts from across the industry and benefits of collaboration to both manufacturers and consumers. Also next steps that the automotive industry needs to take together in order to response to current and emerging cybersecurity...

Secure And Efficient OTA (Over-The-Air) Updating For A Changing Automotive World

This document discusses the drivers that are likely to broaden the use of OTA update technology throughout the car, and outlines the specific cybersecurity threats this expanded use of the technology can be expected to bring about. It then details recommended security objectives and architectural modifications that can help car...

Adventures in Automotive Networks and Control Units

Previous research has shown that it is possible for an attacker to get remote code execution on the electronic control units (ECU) in automotive vehicles via various interfaces such as the Bluetooth interface and the telematics unit. This paper aims to expand on the ideas of what such an attacker...

CAN Message Injection

This paper investigates why physical control inconsistencies exist and present techniques that can be leveraged to more fully obtain control of the physical systems of the car while only injecting CAN bus messages. It also discusses ways to makes these systems more robust to CAN message injection. Courtesy of: Charlie...

Mercedes-Benz: Creating An Integrated Approach To Cyber Security & Functional Safety

Chandrasekhar Potluri, Senior Functional Safety Controls Engineer at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development, discusses steps automotive manufacturers can take in order to implement an integrated approach for functional safety, and cyber security that will improve vehicle security & consumer safety, and benefits of moving toward this approach, which will allow security...

Automotive Cyber Security Market Report 2016-2021

The latest report assesses that the revenues from the automotive cyber security market will exceed $55 million in 2016. Automotive cyber security is undeniably one of the fastest growing submarkets in the car safety and security sector. Courtesy of ASD Reports.

Mercedes-Benz Senior Specialist on the Current Landscape of Cyber Security

We sat down with Chandrasekhar Potluri, Senior Functional Safety Controls Engineer at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development, who spoke to us about the next ten years and where the automotive industry heading as a whole, how the attention towards auto cyber security has changed the industry within the last year, how...

Enhance Security Assurance in Embedded Systems with MISRA C

This whitepaper presented by AutomotiveIQ includes the importance of process standards and guidelines, the demands for developing secure systems, MISRA C security amendments address the need, insecure coding examples and related rules, automatic detection of rule violation at an early stage, is that enough for higher level of assurance for...

Security Implications of Connected & Autonomous Vehicle Technology

We caught up with Karl Brauer, Former Senior Director of Automotive Industry Insights at Kelley Blue Book, who discusses with us technologies that pose a threat to vehicle security, major implications of autonomous driving on cyber security, and how social acceptance or regulatory issues will hinder the progression of autonomous...

U.S. Senator Gary Peters of Michigan

Senator Peters addresses the exciting developments currently underway within the automotive sphere. But with advancements like self-driving functionality and connectivity features come challenges that need to be addressed by both regulators and the industry. Cyber security has evolved into a massive frontier that key auto players will now need to...

Top Expert Presentations 2016

Here are the top presentation by some of our expert speakers you may have missed from the last summit. Including companies such as Delphi, Lear, and Magneti Marelli !

Complete Automotive Cyber Security eBook

This exclusive ebook includes:ARTICLE #1 "How vulnerable are automakers to cyber attacks?"INFOGRAPHIC "Carjacking - risks of the internet-connected car"WHITEPAPER "Connected car driving change in defect detection"ARTICLE #2 "When does a cyber attack become a functional safety issue?"PRESENTATION #1 "Volvo presents collaborative security"PRESENTATION #2 "Stanley Law Group presents legal concerns for...

Keeping up with design: ISO 26262 time for an update

On this functional safety dedicated ebook you will have the opportunity to explore fundamentals of ISO 26262 and functional safety as well as the changes proposed by the Part Groups taken by ISO TC22/ SC32/WG8 in the ISO DIS 26262. For a full perspective, we will provide you with articles...

Safety Expectations for Automated and Autonomous Vehicles - Liability arising from basic technology vs. future technology

Dr. Ekkehard Helmig, Attorney-at-law, reviews in his 17-page report the liability concerns of autonomous drive, and impact of rising new technologies. Download the report for an in-depth insight into the legal aspects of autonomous drive.

Innovative & Safe Vehicle Technology with Gary Streelman

Interview with Gary Streelman, Director of Advanced Engineering & New Concepts at Magneti Marelli. Gary speaks to us about what is currently being worked on at Magneti Marelli as far as new concepts for electronics infotainment, tools & strategies available to increase security of vehicle communication systems, how the industry...

Embedded Systems Survey Uncovers Trends & Concerns For Engineers

The Embedded Market Study solicits responses from readers of UBM's Electronics brands, including EBN, EDN, EE Times,, and Planet Analog. The survey itself was developed and managed by an independent research company and covers a variety of topics. Findings include types of technology used, all aspects of the embedded...

In-Car Network Architecture 2020

OEM’s are set to use more bandwidth in their cars, as automotive architectures adapt to the demands of more consumer electronics functions, automotive app stores, connected location-based services and the need to integrate new driver-assistance functions. This infographic goes into the growing demand of bandwidth, the present challenges for automotive...

The Value for Collaboration on Cyber Security

Henrik Broberg, Senior Designer at Volvo Car Group on the value and strategies for collaboration on security. Find out more and download this cas study for free here.

Experts Presentations Portfolio

These are some of the most influential presentations taken from the top experts within the automotive cyber security industry coming from:BoschVolvo Car GroupSiemens Corporate Technology SafetyContinentalJaguar Land Rover, UKHELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.

Autonomous Vehicles: Cyber Security Issues

The numerous points of entry into a self-driving vehicle’s computer system give clever thieves and cyber terrorists multiple opportunities to take control of vehicles.

Solutions to Address the Cybersecurity Risks Faced by Automotive IoT Applications and Connected Cars

This 2017 Frost & Sullivan and Irdeto white paper discusses the solutions to address the cybersecurity risks faced by automotive IoT applications and connected cars.

2017 Automotive Cyber Survey Results

AutomotiveIQ surveyed those in the automotive cyber industry. We found out why companies are not putting more emphasis on security in their applications, how difficult they feel it is to secure the applications needed in the automotive industry, if they will investing in cyber security efforts within the next 6...

Cyber Security in the Automotive Domain - An Overview

Explore this complementary Technical Paper from SAE’s Cybersecurity Collection. SAE’s Cybersecurity Knowledge Hub is a comprehensive source for timely, authoritative information related to the cyber-physical security of end-to-end vehicle and product design, risk mitigation, workforce development resources, training, standards, and more.

Secure Application Development in a DevOps Environment

Most organizations have some idea about how to make their software more secure, but it is almost always at odds with the goals of their DevOps culture. Find out more about DevOps, threat modeling, secure development, automated testing and more!

Top 5 Automotive Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

In partnership with our 2018 speaker faculty, we created this list of the Top 5 Automotive Cyber Security Vulnerabilities expected to take center stage in 2018. Learn more about the major cyber security threats the auto industry currently face, how the industry is collectively addressing them and more in this infographic.To...


Attendee Investment Report

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2017 Presentations

The Cyber Threat Organizational Lessons From The Front Lines

Bob Gourley, a pioneer in cyber threat intelligence, will present insights into cyber threat actors and their capabilities learned from decades of experience defending enterprises. His threat-focused approach prioritizes organizational awareness, employee development, supply chain security, and proactive leadership on developing regulations. Bob Gourley is presenting in coordination with SAE...

Preventing Exploits Of ECUS’ Unknown Threats

Hidden Security Bugs May Cause Recall ChargesSolution: Maintain Factory SettingsAutonomous Security Addresses Unknown Threats and Avoids RecallsField-Tests of Autonomous Security by 16 OEMs and Tier-1sPresentation by Ami Dotan, CEO and Co-Founder, Karamba Security

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Modern Vehicles & Cybersecurity Research

With a rapid expansion of connected services in vehicles, cybersecurity has become a top priority. NHTSA has published draft best practices and guidance for vehiclecybersecurity for OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and technology companies. Hear their conversation on:Best Practices for improving motor vehicle cyber securityResearch areas of interest

Effective Governance: Vehicle CyberSecurity

The vehicle development process has become more complex than ever with various automotive and technology suppliers working with OEMs on the final product. Even though in recent years there have been industry initiatives towards a widespread cyber security & functional safety standards, security must be built into the various components...

Intelligent Car Coalition: Leading the conversation on automated and connected car policy in Washington DC

Several OEMs and Tier 1s are working in a collective effort to help secure and protect their modern vehicles. GM and Tesla embrace white hackers, Volvo has collaborated with tech, academia, and government, and more OEMs continue to partner with Tier 1 supplies to leverage end-to-end security solutions. What collaborative...

Countering Intrusions And Improving V2x Security

The integration of IoT (Internet of Things) and connected systems is rapidly increasing. OEMs and transportation departments need to securely connect all vehicles to minimize their risk of cyber attacks and intrusions. Our expert will discuss:Protecting the vehicle from incorrect signals sent to and from V2X systemsNext generation development of V2X...

Building Secure Vehicles: How Asrtm System Allow Automotive Companies To Proactively Design Secure Systems Without Aversely Affecting Development Processes

Presentation by Rohit Sethi Chief, Operating Officer, Security Compass and Timo Skytta, Chief Security Officer, HERE. In this talk we discuss the emergence of a new category of solutions that Gartner has coined ASRTM - Application Security Requirements and Threat Management. ASRTM solutions provide a single unified mechanism to define low,...

UNVEILED: Blackberry’s Automotive Cybersecurity Best Practices

Presentation by Chris Taylor, Senior Product Manager, BlackBerry QNX