March 26 - 28, 2018
The Baronette Renaissance Detroit-Novi Hotel, Novi, MI

Andre Weimerskirch

VP, Global Cyber Security

1:15 PM Building secure ECUs and the First Steps towards Resilient Architectures

A wide variety of security technologies is available by now. The involved technologies include secure boot, software separation, firewalls and filters, secure storage, application whitelisting, memory protection mechanisms, control flow mechanisms, etc. We start to enter the next stage by offering security services in the connected gateway, to monitor and protect the entire vehicle. Such services include network anomaly detection, message fingerprinting, ECU monitoring, and secure software updates. This presentation will show how to design and implement a secure connected gateway, and how that secure connected gateway will significantly improve each vehicle’s security and eventually lead to resilient vehicle architectures.     
  • Design and implement a secure ECU
  • Utilize a secure connected gateway to monitor, and potentially protect, the entire vehicle architecture
  • Connect to a security operations center to protect the vehicle fleet

3:30 PM DATA PANEL: Securing IT Backend Receivers & Vehicle & Consumer Data: Privacy and Safety Concerns of The Connected Car

A shift in consumer requirements has resulted due to advancements in technology. Our connected world needs to continuously reflect the high-tech cars we desire to drive. How can the automotive industry work with the variety of technology, and communication companies to prevent a hack of safety-critical systems, and protect consumer data? Join us during this collaborative discussion to explore:
         Available tools & strategies to increase security of vehicle communication systems, and deter third party attacks, and hacks while permitting OEMs access to those systems
·        Best practices in software development in communication systems that will reduce chances of a cyber attack
·        Discussing future advancements of the connected car and managing your team to assess, test, and detect threats for your consumer’s vehicle 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Andre.

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