March 26 - 28, 2018
The Baronette Renaissance Detroit-Novi Hotel, Novi, MI

Douglas Clare

Vice President

3:30 PM Stream A: Assessing Enterprise Cyber Security Risk: Lessons Learned From 50 Years of Predicting Risk

Based on DHS-funded academic research, advances in Internet threat detection have evolved into enterprise-grade tools capable of performing a complex assessment of network security. The result is an empirical score that forecasts the likelihood of a material data breach. This session will articulate what you need to know about predictive analytics, how they’re used in security scoring, and why you can’t afford to “ignore your score”.
·       Cyber Risk Quantification
·       FICO’s R & D
·       Managing 3rd and 4th party supply chain risk 

4:45 PM Smart Mobility Panel Discussion: Cyber Security for Future Smart Mobility

With futuristic research already being done 5 years from now on the interactive connections between vehicles, users, and the environment, can begin to identify future mobility. This panel will assess the future urban environment through the assessment of a Smart City & Future Public Transportation System, The Autonomous Vehicle, Communication and Security Challenges, and Testing and Certification. Join this top networking session to get exposed to innovative ideas incubated in the Cyber landscape.
·     Discussing the ideal vehicle for urban mobility
·     Examining smart parking and new initiatives around the next generation end-to-end solution
·     Adapting cities regulations and infrastructure to expedite adoption and new mobility deployment
·     Debating new paradigms for urban mobility with the rise of automation and data analytics
·     How can we progress from the concept of smart mobility to an “in action” reality plan?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Douglas .

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